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Arthur calls for the vote in Ch 13/sc 2f of RAGING SEA by @KimHeadlee #amwriting

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In standard retellings of the Arthurian legends—versions wherein Arthur is depicted as having more than one half sister—he is at odds with all of them.

This can lead to undesirable redundancy, however.

Some authors address this issue by condensing the number of sisters down to one, usually the most famous of the lot, Morgan le Fay. The oldest versions, however, show Arthur as having three sisters. This is more than likely a nod to the ancient Celtic storytelling practice of triads; in other words, giving the hero three of something as homage to the triple goddess or, in Christianized versions, the Triune God.

I hark to the concept of triads in The Dragon's Dove Chronicles (Dawnflight, Morning's Journey, Raging Sea, etc.) in giving my Arthur character three sisters: Yglais, Annamar, and Morghe. I eliminate any redundancy by showing different sorts of relationships between the siblings.

In today's excerpt from Raging Sea, Arthur demonstrates how he feels about his sister Annamar and her children.

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Raging Sea Chapter 13, Scene 2f
©2016 by Kim Headlee
All rights reserved.

Urien repeated his anti-Saxon sentiments even louder and angrier, getting a sizable number of chieftains to express agreement. He shared nods with them before addressing Bann. “I demand a vote! It is my right as a member of this council!”

Chieftain Bann seemed prepared to grant Urien’s wish but stopped before uttering a word. He stared toward the far doors, sympathy cascading in palpable waves over his countenance.

Arthur faced about to see what Bann was looking at.

And damned protocol for the second time that day to rush over to his sister Annamar and her two youngest children, Medraut and Cundre. All three looked bedraggled, weary, and fearful, and it wrenched Arthur’s heart to its roots.

Annamar collapsed against him, sobbing, and he held her in a long embrace while her children and Ygraine and Gawain and the rest of the family, even Morghe and Urien, clustered around them. “Loth?” Arthur whispered to Annamar, hating the answer but needing to know. “Is he—”

She pulled back and dabbed her nose with a cloth. “He lives. And fights. Gareth is with him. At least, as far as I know.” Her chin started trembling, but she set her jaw. “Loth sent us here while we could still get away, but I-I think—that is, I’m fairly sure that—that—” Thrusting a fist to her mouth, she jerked her head aside.

“Dunpeldyr may well be under siege by now, Lord Pendragon,” said one of the warriors who had accompanied Annamar and her children. “We need your help!”

“And you shall have it.” Council’s permission or no, Arthur would find a way. He looked back toward Chieftain Bann, who nodded at him. “My lord Bann, I suggest the council take that vote now.”

*** The end of Chapter 13 ***

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