Saturday, June 4, 2016

Accolon creates a memory to cherish in hell in Ch 12/ Sc 4b of RAGING SEA by @KimHeadlee #amwriting

Graphic overlay c2016 by Kim Headlee.
This past week I reached the decision to send part 2 of Raging Sea, Enemies & Allies, to my secondary editor for proofreading.

Part 2 represents chapters 7-14 and takes readers to about the halfway point of the story. I have just begun writing chapter 16.

My secondary editor is a longtime, in-the-flesh author-friend, and so I am bartering my e-book formatting services for her novels in exchange for her proofreading skills. This means that we are at the mercy of each other's schedules, but she completed her work on Raging Sea: Reckonings in about two months.

My plan is to make Raging Sea: Reckonings a permafree title once Raging Sea: Enemies & Allies becomes available.

Watch this space for further updates! :)

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Raging Sea Chapter 12, Scene 4b
©2016 by Kim Headlee
All rights reserved.

Morghe's lips parted in a sultry manner.

Accolon knew he should resist their tacit, tempting invitation. But he was already a dead man walking for having let her get wounded. He may as well take a memory of heaven with him into hell.

Bending so close that his face hovered over hers, he murmured, “It means that this day, Morghe ferch Uther, I am no man’s best friend.”

“Only this day?” She feigned a pretty pout, the corners of her mouth quirking upward.

“This is the only day that matters to me.”

As he lowered his lips to hers, she reached up with her good arm and pulled him the rest of the distance. Their mouths met with explosive, demanding force. While staying mindful of her injured shoulder, he slipped his hand beneath the coverlet to discover that the bandage was all she wore. It covered one breast, but the other he tweaked and teased until she began to gasp—and not from pain.

She tugged at the laces of his trews.

His hand stilled, and he pulled back.

He must have displayed an expression she didn’t like, for hers became annoyed. “Urien and I laid together last night. If I conceive, I won’t even know who the father is.”

“Are you sure that’s wise?”

She grinned. “You and he are not so dissimilar in appearance. He will gladly accept any son I bear as his.” The grin faded, and her gaze became unfocused, as if she were looking within herself. When she regarded him again, the look had turned sharp and shrewd. “By the time any other traits manifest, it will be too late.”

“Too late? Do you mean one of us will be dead?” Panic clawed at his gut; he knew damned well which of them it would be.

Her gaze softened. She combed the fingers of her hand through her hair and used it to grasp his hand, tugging him closer. He couldn’t resist. “My lord Accolon shall do well to remember that as chieftainess, I wield the power of life and death over all those who look to me for protection.”

She guided his hand to fondle her nethers. He couldn’t resist that silent command either. The way she arched and moaned excited him as no other woman had done before, and he quickened his sweet assault.

This time when she tugged at the knot of his laces, he helped her strip off his trews. She opened to him, and—mindful of her wound, which she seemed to have forgotten in her frenzy—he lost no time burying himself to the hilt. In no time she had him bucking and gasping past all capacity for rational thought.

He might doubt her ability to protect him from Urien’s wrath, but this… ah, this would be one damned fine memory to cherish for an eternity in hell.


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