Sunday, May 29, 2016

Open Blog Tour Signups for KINGS by @KimHeadlee and PD Novak #fantasy and #giveaway last chance

Their encounter reeks of an enemy mage's dark arts.
Kings by Kim Headlee & PD Novak.
A funny thing happened on the way to the battlefield. 

Thus begins the synopsis of Kings, a sword & sorcery crossover novella featuring Arthur (the dirty blond on the right) from my Dragon's Dove Chronicles series and Garrin (the scowling looker on the left) from the forthcoming Robes series by Patricia Duffy Novak.

Bloggers, Patricia and I would be grateful for your participation in the upcoming blog tour, 6/20-6/24/16. To sign up, please CLICK HERE. It's only 8K fast-paced words, so please consider including a review with your post; thanks! :)

Publication date: March 2016
Publisher: Pendragon Cove Press
Format: Kindle e-book
Number of pages/words: 44 pages, 8K words

Something prickled in Arthur’s awareness, and he felt the hair of his arms lift. He glanced up to see a massive thunderhead boiling across the sky. Heat lightning flared within the cloud, blue tinted and alien.

Can this be Morghe’s doing?

It was no secret that his sister practiced the forbidden arts, and she seemed to take perverse delight in directing her petty spells at Arthur. She had never forgiven him for forcing her to marry Urien, even though the match had made her a queen, but Arthur had never perceived her magic as a serious threat.

Had she learned how to control the weather? Was this why Urien had chosen to leave his citadel and go on the offensive rather than digging in and letting Arthur come to him as the other rebel kings had done?

The knot in Arthur’s stomach gave its answer.


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