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Vic is certain that if Claire has a baby, she’ll turn herself around. But try as she might, Claire cannot get pregnant.

Today, I’m sharing some possible reasons why Claire can’t seem to have babies.

At sixteen, Claire decided to give herself to her beloved, the butler in training. However, she didn’t dare have children, so like her Aunt Maddy, she took droughts.

While most Victorian women knew very little about how to prevent pregnancies, the women in Aunt Maddy’s line had successfully passed down a ‘recipe’ book from the fourteenth-century book that contained various recipes to prevent and stop pregnancies.

Her aunt made the acid-based drought exactly as the original book instructed and she never had a child. So she naturally shared this with Claire. However, Claire wished to improve upon the concoction based on all that she had read from the various erudite pamphlets to which she subscribed under Victor’s name.

It is possible the constant and daily use of these acid draughts scarred her ovaries, especially if her changes were to ‘strengthen’ the potency.

The second possible reason Claire cannot have children is her interest and work using uranium dust. Vic has warned her not to handle it, knowing people who use it often begin to lose their health. However, neither realized the full extent of the danger. Thus, it is possible her exposure was enough to make her sterile.

A final possibility is that David’s use of an x-ray machine in his dental office has made him sterile and the problem is not Claire’s at all.

We will never know for sure why Claire could not have children, but even when she gave up her butler in training and married her gentle, obliging, highly intelligent David, no matter how often they tried, no seed would set in her womb.

The lack of a child, left her without purpose, and to be frank, was making her a bit crazy.

Vic knew her baby sister needed a baby, so when she rescued little Maddy from certain death, she brought the child to Claire, only to be left waiting at the front door like unwanted vermin.

While Xavier’s plan to take a holiday in Europe for Vic to have her baby incognito works well enough, complications during the birth almost takes both mother and child. Dr. Connors performs his first cesarean ever. While successful, it Vic takes months to recover. A prisoner to the bed, she spends her time encouraging marriage between two of their employees. Unfortunately, Xavier’s original negotiations with Tubs prevents the giant from acting upon his heart. While Xavier chases ladies enjoying the sun, Vic convinces Tubs to resign his service.

When Xavier and Vic return to England, the head of Scotland Yard awaits them at the dock. A great change in Parliament has occurred due to the fallout of their last investigation. England is crumbling beneath an outbreak of crimes and their help is desperately needed before lives are ruined and jobs are lost.

When they arrived at Vic’s prior estate, no one answered the door for fifteen minutes, although someone was home because curtains kept moving. While Vic had a wheelchair to sit in and Tubs was used to standing for long periods of time, Sally was left standing, with the baby in her arms. “You might want to take Maddy back to the carriage.

“A little sun is good for her. But if no one answers in five minutes, I’ll find shade. However, if no one answers then maybe this isn’t meant to be.”

“She has a point,” Tubs muttered.

“Hit the door again,” Vic said.

Tubs slammed the side of his fist against the door once, creating a loud explosion, rather like a small bomb.

Finally, the door opened to one very angry sister.

“How dare you come here and terrify my servants!”

For the first time in her life, Vic stared up at her petite sister. “If I had a fern, I would lay it down now in a declaration of peace, but I don’t. So just listen to what I have to say. Our fight has been going on for long enough. It’s time for each of us to forgive and move on.”

Claire’s eyes rimmed with tears. “I don’t see how that’s possible.”

Vic stared up at her. “We survived a shipwreck, surely we can survive this as well.”

Her pretty forehead crinkled. “Why are you in a wheelchair?”

About to reply ‘it’s nothing’, Vic decided the truth might actually move matters along faster. “I almost died recently.”

Claire’s face paled. “Oh…I’m sorry.”

“Well, I wasn’t too happy about it either, but it saved a life and got me to thinking about what’s important.”

Her sister’s eyes grew watery and her head shook. “No, I mean I’m really sorry, Vic. I shouldn’t have done it.”

Vic had no clue which horrible thing she thought she shouldn’t have done. Was it claiming Jacko abused L’il Pete, firing Gregory when he wouldn’t lie to help her steal Pete, or demanding sweet Sara be fired? Maybe it was telling Alice that ridiculous story about Pete dangling a baby off the carriage.

“Could we come inside? Maddy’s turning pink,” Vic said.

“Maddy?” her confusion turned to rapture as she spied the tiny baby. “Maddy…oh she’s beautiful!” Claire rushed to the baby, pulling her out of Sally’s arms. She then hurried inside without actually inviting the rest of them to enter.

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Liza O’Connor was raised badly by feral cats, left the South/Midwest and wandered off to find nicer people on the east coast. There she worked for the meanest man on Wall Street, while her psychotic husband tried to kill her three times. (So much for finding nicer people.) Then one day she declared enough, got a better job, divorced her husband, and fell in love with her new life where people behaved normally. But all those bad behaviors have given her lots of fodder for her humorous romances. Please buy these books, because otherwise, she’ll become grumpy and write troubled novels instead. They will likely traumatize you.

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Ghost Lover— Two British brothers fall in love with the same young woman. Ancestral ghost is called in to fix the situation. And there’s a ghost cat that roams about the book as well. (Humorous Contemporary Romance)

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A Long Road to Love Series: (Humorous Contemporary odd Romance)
Worst Week Ever — Laugh out loud week of disasters of Epic proportions.

Oh Stupid Heart — The heart wants what it wants, even if it’s impossible.

Coming to Reason — There is a breaking point when even a saint comes to reason.

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